Thursday, August 2, 2007

iPhone tool: Talking iPhone Translator

Software developer Coolgorilla and travel retailer today launched a Talking iPhone Translator, which is a free service that provides travellers with text and audio translations in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German, with a Greek version to be available soon.

The way it works, you select your required language and phrase, while the iPhone translator will display a written translation on screen along with a native audio translation provided by a professional voice-over artist.

Fairly simple to use, the Talking iPhone Translator asks the user to select the required target language and then provides a structured menu system much like a standard phrase book. Simply find your required phrase, press select, and then the iPhone “speaks” the phrase using the recordings of real, native voice-over artists and also supplies a text translation on screen.

This is a rather useful tool, as it makes use of iPhone’s multimedia capabilities to help one communicate with locals wherever you are. With Google Maps and this translator tool you surely won’t be lost next time you’re going abroad. To access the Talking iPhone Translator point your browser over to

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