Sunday, August 5, 2007

DriPod will Keep Your iPod Safe and Dry

Everybody knows that the best way to keep your iPod dry and safe you shouldn't bring it neat to water, pool or beach parties. However, sometimes you really need to break this rule. What you do then? The answer is simple get an Allsop Splash Pack DriPod. A waterproof gadget has been designed to be used in such situations.

This thing provides full waterproof protection up to 10 feet, not speaking of several drops that can get on it when you are partying. Its air tight soft case will be also able to protect any similar sized device from getting wet.

In order to fully protect the iPod from water it has a heat-sealed headphone jack, which will allow you to listen to your music around the pool and will not allow any water into the case.

Additional features: it will also protect you iPod from getting scratched, from getting sand inside it when you are on a beach, and it will allow you to see the iPod and to control it when it is in the case. All these features should make you want to buy this gadget.

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