Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Blow Table Lamp

Studio Italia Design has designed a rather useless but nice looking gadget. The Blow Table Lamp is unusual with two features. It is situated in a glass globe that protects it from any weather conditions and its magnet system.

You can control the direction of light beam with a magnet placed outside the glass globe. When you place it on the globe, the magnet attached to the lamp will be attracted this is how you can control it. This may be also fun and good because you do not have those banding lamp legs that tend to break.

However, what do you protect it from with a glass globe around it? From getting broken? More questions come when you want to replace the bulb inside it. How do you do that? Just break the glass globe? Maneuvering this gadget is fun but this is it.

The most outrageous thing about blow table lamp is its cost. It retails for $ 1,200 and this is what makes this lamp so unlike all other. Pay 1,200 dollars for this lamp and you won't have to replace the bulb for years; you won't just use the lamp every day, because it is so expensive.

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